We offer grammar refresher workshops for teachers with activities for secondary or primary levels.
These are in line with the Australian National Curriculum. See Online Training for curriculum details and how Grammarfun training matches it, level by level.

Grammarfun workshops at schools show teachers how to correct common grammatical errors in a fun way. The workshops are tailored to primary, middle and senior school levels, or a mix of levels.

Teachers will learn how they can make grammar points come alive for their students with practical, well tested and very clear exercises and activities. These have been cherry picked and are as appropriate for mainstream classes as they are for English as a second language classes.

The (Australian) National English Curriculum Framing Paper, issued by the National Curriculum Board as a discussion paper in late 2008 presents grammar as a vehicle for refining expression:

“The goal of teaching grammar and textual patterns should go beyond students’ labelling of various grammatical categories: it should centre on goals such as clearer expression of thought, more convincing argumentation, more careful logic in reasoning, more coherence, precision and imagination in speaking and writing, and knowing how to choose words and grammatical and textual structures that are more appropriate to the audience or readership. The goal here centres on the gradually more powerful conversion of “knowledge about” language into a resource for effective reading, listening, viewing, writing, speaking and designing.”

The workshops are designed for this purpose. Activities are communicative and have been enjoyed by learners all over the world. Ways to make them extra challenging are included.

All fees for Grammarfun workshops are a legitimate tax deduction for work related expenses.