100 tips for research and publication

While 100 tips might seem 90 too many, Niamh N. Brennan’s clearly set out table is easy to read and points to a lot of ideas that might seem overlooked. She also includes suggestions for further reading if 100 tips are not too much for you.

Some of her less obvious tips (where I have sometimes simplified the wording) are:

Tip 8: Prepare a research pipeline with projects at various stages.

Tip 17: Don’t fill a gap in the literature that is not worth filling.

Tip 18: Be clear on the research papers that your research extends.

Tip 20: Do not cite too broad a range of literature.

Tip 34: Write for an international audience.

Tip 81: Cite articles from the target journal.

Tip 93: Agree to review other people’s articles.

Tip 95: Only co-author with people with whom you have a meeting of minds.

Finally, Tip 100 is the same as Tip 1: Enjoy your research.