Make many from one

If you have written your thesis as one main dissertation, and not by publication, and you want to produce various journal articles from it, read this.

You will need to divide your content into several sections and perhaps include a quick and fairly similar introduction with reasons for the research in all draft articles.

How to reorganise your research

Develop a plan for publication by looking at your thesis and prioritising which articles you will write. One article could focus on the most interesting results. Another could promote the methodology, if it was particularly novel or works well the way you adapted it.

You can start by selecting from your research questions and related subquestions and choose how to shape your article from there.

Here is a step by step guide. I don’t pretend that it is the only guide, there are many, but it does work.

The process

Select one research question or subquestion to answer for each article.

Focus on writing one article at a time.

Emphasise the main points you want your readers to understand.

Limit your abstract to the necessary length.

For the literature review, choose only what is relevant to the chosen question. End this section with a clear outline of your hypothesis, aim and research question or subquestion.

Include any meta-analyses of relevant research.

Give a summary of information for how the data were collected and evaluated. Refer to any other researcher’s work if you have followed an established procedure instead of describing it fully.

For each article, report only the results that are relevant to the findings for your specific research question or subquestion.

In your discussion, state how your results are consistent or different from similar research. State possible reasons for this, taking into account methodological approach, context (if applicable) sample, measurement procedures and other particular features of the study.

Finally, include supplementary materials as appendices if necessary.

I hope this has made it a little easier to consider the possibility of developing various research articles to raise your profile if you have written a thesis which has not been developed yet for publication in journals. Everything begins with taking one step at a time.